Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Well, not the best pic, and I know it's not an amazing accomplishment or anything, but it feels like it for me. I haven't sewn an article of clothing for myself since high school. Even then, I was paranoid it would fall apart at the seams. Not so this time, however. I used this pattern, and I will definitely be using it again. I think it will look very cute with a little black cardigan and knee high boots. I keep thinking if I dress for Fall weather, the skies will take the hint and things will cool down around here. The leaves on the trees have been changing, but the temp has been in the upper 70's and low 80's.
The boys were a little better today, but still cranky. I made some Tortilla Soup for dinner last night, as it seemed like a good, light meal for sick boys, and we had leftovers, so I'm serving it as our first course tonight and trying this Santa Fe Chicken recipe in the crock pot for the main dish. I love crock pot meals. Just dumping everything into a pot and pushing a button, then magically at dinner time, you're ready to eat! Dan's almost home, so I gotta set the table.


mamabean said...

I really like that dress, you are going to look sooooooo cute.
I can't wait to look cute again, in cute tiny clothes.

Mommy Chef said...

Cute dress. I wish I could find the time to sew these days.Let me know how the chicken turned out.I had leftovers from mine last week and added half a block of cream cheese to it and made chicken enchiladas for lunch.So good.And I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will get cooler around here soon.The boys want to go to the zoo before it gets too cold,but I want to wait until it's not 80 degrees outside.:) Have a great day.
Mommychef (Elizabeth)

Flighty Girl said...

Lisa, I know that feeling!!
Hi Elizabeth - the chicken was a hit. We added melted cream cheese to the leftovers later that night and used it as dip for chips as a little mid-night snack. Very yummy.

Vanillabean said...

Tres Jolie!