Monday, November 5, 2007

Buddhists, Boots, and Boys

So I did get to a bit of crafting last night. I finished my library bag. Apparently the bag is Buddhist, as it has had several lives: table cloth, place mats, belt... now library bag.
Filled and ready with overdue books for the library tomorrow.
My mom, John and I went to Walnut Street in Shadyside and looked around a bit today and I got new brown (they look black in the picture, I know. Such a gray day gave poor picture taking light) boots. I'm so pleased. Walnut Street is a very cute little strip of shops and restuarants, and I love walking around window shopping in the fall there. We had fun getting coffee and looking around in a little toy shop. It was so cute, I'm going back to take pictures.
After that, the day was a bit rough, but we're getting back on track now. The boys are cosy in their beds, and soon I'll be cosy in mine. Good night.


Mommy Chef said...

Gorgeous boots.I love Walnut Street too! Oh, and nextFriday the 16th is Light Upo night in Pittsburgh.I highly reccommend the nativity at the Steel Bldg and the Santa's from Around the world display.And of course the department store window display,which is a favorite of the boys!Have a great week and enjoy the first snow of the season this week!

Flighty Girl said...

Thanks! My sister will be in town and that will be a fun little outing for us.