Wednesday, November 21, 2007

no faux

I remember as a girl playing over at my friend Kristen's house around Christmas time and her mom gave a a can of faux-snow to sort of fog the edges of the window panes (actually, they were faux-window panes too). No faux-snow, or rather faux-fogging, here.
We are going over to friends for Thanksgiving, so no major rush or meal planning here. In fact, I've just been trying to cook from the cupboards this week. Providential meal planning. Great fun. Especially when you have everything on hand to make something that turns out kind of fancy. Dan came home from work and saw that I had the French cookbook out. He's always happy when he sees that. So poached fish in white wine with a mushrooms cream sauce it was. Who would have thought that could just come from the cupboards??


mamabean said...

Wow, That's a really great photograph. It looks like you got the pixel thing fixed.

Flighty Girl said...

ummm...I have no idea. I don't know how to fix pixels or whatever. Maybe you should call me and school me on some camera stuff. Click on my photo here though - it's got this grainy quality once it's enlarged a little bit. I just feel it should be clearer.

Is the header on your blog one of your pics? If's fabulous.