Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008, thus far

The rest of the family left yesterday, and Dan and I spent a very quiet New Year's together. Just some wine, some old shows, and us cuddled up together on the couch. So relaxing. We headed out to church this morning, where the boys ended up being so good (truly a good omen for the new year, I'm sure), we treated them to chocolate milk and donuts at Starbucks afterwards. It was quite the chilly day - snow and wind and such. We're supposed to get some accumulation, I think, but didn't. Then home we went. Having house guests tends to make me forget to tend to my home, so I have done seven loads of wash in the last 24 hours and have a very long list of deep cleaning situations that need to be looked into.
(There are currently some very drunk girls screaming "happy new year" outside my window. I think my new year would be far happier if they would be quiet.)
I just peeked in on the boys and had to take a picture. They sneak into each others beds all the time now, and seem to prefer it that way. So cute.

I'm off to look into one of those "deep cleaning situations", i.e. the kitchen. So far, 2008 is looking like a very nice year. I hope it keeps.


mamabean said...

That is so sweet and makes me look forward to Isabella and Maddie doing sweet things like that. What kind of bed is that? I like it. It looks like twin, with railings.

Flighty Girl said...

It's technically the top bunk of the bunk beds, so it has the rails on it. We unbunked them though, so Finn is using it as his "toddler" bed.

Bridget said...

Those jammies look fantastic! I want a pair! Great pics! I have to post a picture of Patrick and Kat. She was sleeping on the couch in the family room, and Patrick just climbed up next to her and fell asleep, his back to her back. I LOVE those moments!

Bridget said...

PS - Kelly, I have a new blog address:


I moved from my old one because I had too many strangers looking in after the Baby Rose Mary situation, so I figured I'd start a new blog to try to go back to a smaller, familiar group of readers. Please update your Bridget Blog info to my new address. I'll be putting up my links soon. I assume it's still ok for me to link to your blog? Let me know! Happy New Year!

annemcd said...

Kelly, those pjs are so cute-- where did you find them?? :)

Hey bridge, thanks for telling me about your new blog! :)-

Flighty Girl said...

Hey Bridget and Ann,
Thanks for the link B, and Ann, my sister found them at Baby Gap - they're probably on sale now!