Wednesday, January 9, 2008

polka dots, stripes, solids and ivy

Today's post is completely random. Enjoy.

Today's been one of those days where I actually have been accomplishing things and they're not undone when I turn around. Such a good feeling.
Polka dots, stripes, and solids.

Ivy on our fence whilst enjoying yesterday's warm weather.

I started taking down the Christmas tree. It feels kind of sad. What's even more sad is the fact that I still have a stack of Christmas cards that I have yet to mail.

And that's all I have today. I'm off to enjoy some more coffee and my Martha Stewart that just arrived. Yippee!


annemcd said...

Its okay, my Christmas cards are on the table behind me, mostly addressed, but not stuffed. But the striped pj's arrived yesterday for William-- so cute!!

Flighty Girl said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one tardy with the cards. I hope to see pics William in his pj's soon. And we'll definately pray for James. Poor guy.

mamabean said...

I never got around to even getting cards. I plan on sending valentines cards with pics of the kids.

Flighty Girl said...

Lisa, the cards I filled out this year are the cards I purchased last year and never sent. Maybe today I'll send them. Maybe.

Bridget said...

Cards!? What cards!? ;0

Yeah, I think I give up for this year. I suck.

Flighty Girl said...

You don't suck. Some years are just too tricky. By the way, mine are still unmailed, sitting in their same pile.