Monday, February 18, 2008

i heart craigslist

We got a piano, for free, off craigslist this weekend. I'm pretty thrilled. So are the boys. Now we just need to get it tuned and some sheet music. And maybe some more lessons ;)


Steak said...

Free piano? Wow. I wish I could get a free piano.

I totally need a piano to load onto my "piano-pult."

I suppose I could just BUY a piano for the piano-pult, but I can never bring myself to piano-pult a piano after I've actually paid money for it.

But FREE pianos? I could spend all day launching THOSE from the piano-pult!

Flighty Girl said...

This one literaly weighed between 500 and 600 pounds. I'm not exagerating. It took five large fellows to move it. I don't know that your piano-pult would pult it anywhere. Free or not ;)