Friday, February 22, 2008

smock'n it to ya again

My good friend has been visiting from Seattle and I've found very little time to update my blog this week. We've had a lovely time, which has only been extended (yay!!!) because her flight got cancelled due to bad weather. So while I'm waiting for little boys in the next room to settle down and go to sleep, I thought I'd take a little time and show my latest smock creation.

Cute little blue flowers lined with vintage linen and vintage flower buttons. I've started hoping, just a little, that maybe the littlest one might be a girl so I can make smocks for her ;)
Speaking of the littlest one, I had my first baby appointment, it went great and lovely (their office is a converted Victorian row house, which makes the building itself very cute for visits), and I got to here the heartbeat!!! It's always so thrilling. I don't think that sound would ever get old, not even if I had 20 babies.
I'm going to get back to my friend - and drink some tea to coat my throat. My throat was so sore after the first day she arrived, I was afraid I was coming down with something. Later I realized later that my throat has simply been sore from talking so much, which just showed me how little I end up talking during the day. Kinda crazy.
Hope your weekend is full of visits so excellent you get hoarse too ;)

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