Tuesday, February 12, 2008

snow & sew

John behind bars.

The boys made a fun game of hiding back behind our bed this afternoon and prettending they were lost. The weather's been so cold, they've had to get creative with their games. The poor guys have been stuck inside forever. Probably feels a little jail-like to them.It started snowing last night around 9pm and didn't stop till about 4pm today. So definately the biggest snow of the winter.
We're supposed to get more tonight and tomorrow I guess. Which is just perfect. I have no idea where any snow gear might be located.

This is the dress I've been working on. Please don't think I'm nuts with the fabric. I was actually just practicing with it because I wanted to make some adjustments to the pattern and didn't want to ruin my good stuff, but it's actually grown on me. Am I crazy? Pregnancy does many a silly thing to a mama's head, is this one of them? I know it's wild, but it could be in a fun funky way, right? Dan thinks it's awful and I'm nuts, but he still loves me, so that's fine. I still need to finish the hem and work on the sleeves. I don't like the poofed sleeves (maybe if I were still in my Ann of Green Gables days...) so I'm thinking of trying to fix that and shorted the sleeve a bit more.

Here's the picture of the patern and the fabric I want the finished dress to be made of; a nice gray wool my mom gave me. I think it will be perfect for Sundays for the rest of Winter. And if this year is like last, well into Spring. The dress has pockets. You gotta love a dress with pockets.

Here's the little ones parked under my sewing table, enjoying a snack. My sewing basket and storage cases are apparently excellent toddler seating as well.

And finally: Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!!! Love you and hope your day is a good one :)


Joanna said...

Call me crazy, but I like the fabric, and I'm not pregnant (at least I don't think so). It would go really well with a white turtleneck, jeans and a nice pair of boots, you be stylin...

Flighty Girl said...

Yeah, it's funky right?? I was thinking a vintage cardigan, some nice thick tights and my brown boots... yeah, one hot mama. Well, maybe. I'll try to post a pick when I'm finished.

Vanillabean said...

I really like that pattern. Is it still in circulation?

Flighty Girl said...

sorry erin, I don't think it is. I think it's circa 1970-something.

meg said...

I absolutely love this dress!