Wednesday, March 19, 2008

good things come to those whose things break

Firstly, I think I'm going completely bonkers with this place. I need some sunlight. (Just wait, I'll be complaining of the heat and sun in no time at all.) So while my days have been lacking sunlight, some very sunny dispositions could be heard giggling and talking and reading in their "cave" this afternoon. I must say, it did brighten my day considerably.
But on to things that break and the good things that follow. Well, the little sewing machine I had bit the dust. Granted, it was a pretty cheap little thing, but I was able to make a thing or two on it. Well, I had just started a project that would require a whole lot of sewing, so Daniel went ahead and bought me a new sewing machine as a little early birthday present. I must say, it is the nicest machine I have ever sewed on, and I have been sewing up a storm. See the project that I started was to make the switch from disposable to cloth diapers (I can't believe how granola I'm getting. I have no idea how this started). We decided to use fitted cloth diapers and I found online info that shows you how to make them. (I can't find the link right now, I'll do it later.) So here's my little model - very reluctant to let me show off my work. Mostly I've been recycling fabric to make these, so my total cost has been minimal. I have only made about six so far, but Finn apparently likes them from the test runs.
When I finished this one today, he literally ripped off his disposable and tried to put the cloth one on himself. I think the cloth must be more comfortable.

So yes, if you have any sunshine at your house, could you please send a smidge my way? Much obliged.


Vanillabean said...

Awesome Diapers. Please do post the link. Lisa and I were just talking about switching to cloth. I had some when Lucia was young. I think using cloth would help potty train Lucia.

Bridget said...

Come to Virginia and visit us after Easter! We have a Sun ROOM! But you already know that. Anyway, you need to come down south for some good ol' southern exposure!

mamabean said...

Like erin said we were just talking about that today. I'm seriously considering it. So please post.

Flighty Girl said...

Ok, so if you go to this site:
it will give you a bunch of links for making your own diapers. I have been using the Mama Bird pattern for just a fitted diaper and then the fleece diaper cover. I did make one all-in-one diaper using her pattern, and that's the one pictured. I don't know why it seems so scary, maybe because I know it will be a bit more work, but it's kind of hard to make the change. I really like the idea of consuming less though. In one way it's more complex, but in another, it feels much more simple.

Michelle said...

Hi Kelly. Very cute diapers. Happy Easter to you and your family from the McIntyre Family!

Flighty Girl said...

Hi Michelle!
Happy Easter to you as well!!