Friday, March 28, 2008

i've been makin' stuff

I realize this week I've not posted very regularly. I don't know where the time has gone. Just caring for babies with colds (which I have now caught, grrrr....) and stuff.I got this crazy craving for pie. Apple pie. So I went to the store to get 3 lbs. of apples. What do you know, there was a 3 lb. bag of apples on sale. Divine providence, right???? Well these were tiny apples. There had to be at least 20, so I had to peel and core them all. My hands are still cramping. Lesson learned: Want pie?? Buy BIG apples.

Here's the purse I made. Not a good photo, though. I made it from the same fabric I did this bag from. I love this fabric. And I love this bag. I based it off of this bag tutorial, but shortened the strap, changed the size a bit, and put the seams on the sides instead of the middle. I even made a matching zipper pouch to go with it that matches the lining. (You should totally check out this gal's blog too, she has a few other tutorials there and she's a pretty amazing crafter. I love her baby shoes.)
Our little neighbor is having her birthday tomorrow, so I made her a skirt from this tutorial using some more of that table cloth.
Then I made her a little doll with matching outfit from this tutorial. I love this little doll. I was thinking of making a shirt to go with the skirt from this tutorial, but decided not to.
Oh diapers, I've been making diapers. Boy, have I been making diapers.
I love the blog world. You can get a free pattern for just about anything. It's so great to feel like making something, do a little googling, and then get started. And to those of you with little girls, I think there are enough links to tutorials in this post alone to keep yourself and your little one outfitted and entertained for the summer ;)


Meredith said...

You'll have to keep your eyes open for one of those Pampered-Chef-type apple peelers.

I was given one as a gift and nearly got rid of it before I realized how great it was. I see them all the time at yard sales and thrift stores.

3 lb bag of apples peeled and cored in minutes...applesauce, apple pie, kids *begging* to help.

Bridget said...

I still can't figure out how you do it. I can barely make a 5 minute phone call without the kids getting into trouble let alone trying to make something cool like you do! I need more skillz.

Flighty Girl said...

Thanks Meredith, I'll definately be looking for one of those.
Hey Bridge, my guys have a pretty early bedtime - between 7 & 8pm - so after they are in bed, I am free to work on my stuff. Mostly our evenings consist of Daniel reading and writing while I sew. We're like a couple of old fogies, kind of. But that's when I find the time. Early bedtimes are the bomb.

Bridget said...

Yeah, but with 4 kids, bed times are all different. Michael and Teresa go down fist around 8 or so, then Kat goes when Teresa is asleep, or else the 2 of them will talk and stay up together because they're in the same room. Then Patrick stays up late with me until 11:00 or so. It's the only way I can get some sleep in time in the morning!

Kelly said...

I love that little skirt! So adorable.