Monday, March 3, 2008

just a teaser

After our weekend of snow, today's high was 68 degrees. Now there's a little Spring for ya. But I know this is just a little teaser. It will go back to freezing soon enough. We'll probably have even more snow. Oh well. I've been dreaming of gardening though. Actually dreaming of it, I'm that excited at the thought of having our own. I bought a few packets of seeds today. John's pretty stoked to help plant. I hope he understands it will take a bit of time to grow, though.

Anyways, so the weather today was downright amazing. Short sleeves for us. I shot a few pictures of our morning, which was just smothered in sunshine.
My recently thrifted coffee cups. Daniel and I always have to have matching cups in the morning for our coffee. A silly little thing, surely, but strangely cozy.
Finn getting the last little drops.
Bed head.
The jungle-gym.


Joanna said...

What fun... You take some really good pictures! say how do you do it? how is it that you have these little tornado's of your own and yet find time to craft, and what not? is the little one in your belly taking all your energy these days? how are you?

Flighty Girl said...

Thanks Joanna. How do I do it? Always remember that blogs are funny things - they only give snippets of life, and generally, they only show the nice, productive snippets. But my "tornados" clean with me, cook with me, and craft with me. I do stuff while Finn naps and do the most "crafty stuff" after they go to bed at night. And honestly, not looking at the internet during the daytime has been my biggest time saver. It's embarassing how much time I wasted googling every thought that came into my flighty little head. I've had more energy these days, just a little, so I'm thankful for that. Mostly, I'm just wondering when God is going to grant me a third arm for when this next one comes ;)