Tuesday, March 4, 2008

maternity jeans tutorial...

...if you are so inclined.
I can never find maternity jeans that fit right. They are always funky fit here and there, poorly made, and don't have the cute look of regular jeans. I decided I'd give a go at making my own, and they turned out pretty well. I thought I'd share how I did it, and this is my poor pictorial explanation showing how.
~A pair of jeans from the thrift store for $2; good fit everywhere - except the belly, of course.
~Stretch knit fabric
~Elastic , which was about 3 inches wide
I cut off the waist band and removed the belt loops. I then sewed up the fly and measured the waist. I then took a piece of stretch knit fabric, measured out the waist size and added about an inch for seam allowance. The width was cut by doubling the size of the elastic and, again, adding an inch for the seam allowance.
Sew your knit fabric sides together only half way - you want to leave an opening to put your elastic through. Now this is where my pictorial strays from actuality. I only show one side of the new waist band being pinned, but really, what you want to do is fold your waist band in half and attach it to the jeans that way (I figured that out at the machine after I already took the picture and was too lazt to retake it). Feed you elastic through, sew it in place, then stitch up the rest of the waist band.
Here's my finished jeans off.
Here they are on. You can't really see any belly in this shot, cause there isn't too much to show yet. But these are so darn comfy, I'm thinking of replacing all my pants with elastic waist bands ;) And stop looking at the mess behind me. I'll clean it up tomorrow.


mamabean said...

You did it!
I remember when I was pregnant with Madeleine I wanted to cut my favorite jeans up but was to scared. They look great, and you still look tiny.

Vanillabean said...

Cool! I think it's a girl. Maybe I said that already. Let's make bets.

Joanna said...

Those are awesome, I'm gonna have to try that...
I think it's a girl too..

Flighty Girl said...

So far EVERYONE thinks it's a girl. This little boy is going to shock everyone. Just kidding.

And Erin, I had you in mind when I wrote this post. I predict you're next to get pregnant - and Lisa and I decided you're the one who gets to have twins. So pull out the sewing machine - and buy a little extra elastic ;)

Wait, Joanna, you said you are going to have to try it???? Hmmmmm.... is there something you've not yet posted???? Or do you simply mean in the future?