Thursday, March 13, 2008

a slow day, with some slow food

Today was just a nice calm day. Poor Daniel has been sick, so he was home resting. The boys and I had a nice time just doing what we do: coloring, reading books, tidying here and there, cooking in the kitchen. Normally I mix our bread in the bread machine, but today I felt inspired, maybe by the slow pace of the day, to make bread by hand. I used the Potato Bread recipe from my Macrina book. (oh, to have brunch at Macrina! I love that place. Such good memories.) Then for dinner we made a mushroom soup from my monastery soups cookbook. I've been in love with this book of late. I've had it since I was a teen, and it's moved with me for years, but never have I used it so much as I have lately. Many of the recipes can be made vegan if need be. I think I'm finally into the stage of my pregnancy where I like food again and can now read a cookbook without getting queasy. So in a nutshell: nice day + bread + soup = happy me.

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