Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday Evening with Flighty

For some reason I was very drained all day. I think my iron is low. Anyways, after falling asleep twice accidentally, feeling dizzy each time I sat up, and being out of breath every time I used the stairs, Daniel suggested that maybe we should just eat out tonight. I know that because of ideas like these, he will soon be Dr. Daniel. So smart, so smart. We went to Squirrel Hill and had Thai food (with beef and spinach - good iron there). It was so delicious. Seriously the perfect food - and when you are pregnant, there are definitely perfect foods, and very imperfect foods. The boys, however, decided that even though they are not pregnant, Thai was a very imperfect food for them. So after our dinner, Daniel went with John down the street to pick up a couple slices of pizza for a more "perfect" little boys' dinner, and Finn and I took a quick look around the consignment shop while we waited. Finn decided "hiding" was more his thing, while I was trying to look, but I ended up just chasing him. He was pretty cute really, and was cracking everyone up with this little maniacal laugh he was doing.
In he goes.
Can you even see that blur?? He was just running and laughing.
If only running and hiding amidst used clothing made me this happy...The pizza slices were as big as the boys' heads.
And they just chowed them down.

So after such a tiring day (which is just ridiculous, cause the only thing I did was fold and put away laundry), our little evening out felt rejuvenating.

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