Tuesday, April 22, 2008


John has had a certain fascination with pirates of late. I think it was Peter Pan that set him off. He's been asking for buried treasure and if we can dress up and such. Just the sort of thing I love!
The treasure chest full of gold and silver and the treasure map, of course.
The Pirate
Checking out his booty (whilst drinking chocolate milk from a sippy)
And a lift of the eye-patch to inspect the ants on the back steps.
Actually, he loved the eye-patch so much that he wore it most of the afternoon whilst periodically screaming, "Aaaarrrrrgh!!". It nearly killed him. Tripping all over things and such. Crazy little guy.
Still a problem with naps though. Who has heard of a little one, not even two years old, giving up naps??? It's insane. Speaking of sleep, I have to share last night's happenings. So I'm all cozy and about to go to sleep when Finn wakes up and wants to come in my bed. No problem. But who does he want to bring with him? His three foot tall penguin. In fact, if is more than a want at this point, he's crying and saying, "I need it, I need it!!" So after some negotiating, I decide I have a big bed, this shouldn't be so awful. Well minutes later John comes in, and who does he have? A three foot puppy dog. Now you might be wondering why we seem to have quite a collection of extremely large stuffed toys, well the reason is Uncle Ryan. I'm sure Ryan will be quite delighted to know that I spent the night sandwiched between two little boys and their enormous dog and penguin. Dan wanted to take a picture, I said no. I'm hiding those stuffed toys before I go to bed tonight, I need some space.


Bridget said...

That is hilarious! You know, that Penguin spent alot of time driving around with Ryan in his car. I think he was trying to cheat in HOV lanes on 66!

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I know it's somewhere on or around April 23rd! Hope it's a good one!
Love, Bridget

Steak said...

Uncle Ryan is the best uncle ever!