Thursday, April 17, 2008

moderately aged dog: new trick

I just learned to make French knots. Do you think they just call them knots in France?


annemcd said...

Congrats-- I've never been able to master those little suckers!!

The montessori book you mentioned sounds interesting. I've read Montesori from the start, which I love the concept of, but it is such a lifestyle change for most people that it would be tough to implement. And, of course, my kids are watching PBS right now, so un-Montessori . . . lol!

Felicia said...

Groovy knots :)

Kelly said...

Hey Anne, the Mommy Manual is not so rigid - it is really so inspiring for a mommy, I have to recomend it 100%. It really an attitude thing - and she doesn't say you can't let them watch tv (mine are watching Curious George at the moment.)
Hi Felicia, thanks for the comment. I just checked out your blog, and my, it's a cutie :)

Mod Girl said...

Oh I love them! Can you teach me? Seriously, consider a tutorial!

Kelly said...

Hey Mod Girl,
Someone has beat me to the punch on the tutorial thing. Here's the one I found on You Tube:
I have figured out how to do so many little tricks, like purling (which isn't really a trick, I know) on You tube. So excellent.

Mod Girl said...

Oh thanks! I can't wait to learn how.