Monday, April 21, 2008

napless + naughty = unhappy mommy

Hmmmmm...... I think this is one where the title says it all. Fortunately Dan helped with dinner and then took the kids entirely tonight while I just worked on projects and read and rested. Thank you God for that man!

I've just finished The Creative Family book by Soule Mama that everyone is loving and talking about. I very much enjoyed it and straight away made a pencil roll for the boys.

Pencil roll made by me, artwork by John (rocket, moon, planets, shooting stars, and such)

I loved her belief that everyone is an artist and really agree. Overall, it was a lovely read that both inspired and affirmed a certain simplicity in the home. It encouraged beauty, family, and all sorts of crafty goodness; how could I not enjoy it??

Well, tomorrow we're being pirates. Again. But more on that later. Hopefully naps will be involved.


Bridget said...

I like the way you say you made a pencil roll right away. Like it's no big deal to just make something on the spot! Wow. I just don't have the mind for crafting. I'm just realizing this now. It takes me too long to make simple cookies, how can I possibly craft something magical!?! :)

Kelly said...

Dude, cookies can take forever. Especially the roll out and cookie cutter kind. Uggg. I'm lucky enough to be able to have my crafty things strung out all over the computer room, and I pick up materials and thrift sales all the time, just so I'll have what I need should inspiration stike. Like the felt I used for the pencil roll project, I got a boat load of it for 25 cents at a rummage sale. I think everyone is artistic/crafty in some way. So that means you too.