Thursday, April 10, 2008

picnics and apron strings

I made a new apron based upon my latest favorite vintage one I thrifted. Actually, it's made from vintage fabric too, so I guess it's a new vintage apron?
I love it cause you can wear it as a smock or a half apron. I'm actually giving this one as a gift, but I have more fabric, so I'll be making another.
And I really love the fabrics. You all probably think that I never clean my house because I always take pictures of myself wearing stuff in the boy's room. There is no point in cleaning that room. (Actually, it's get cleaned every other day. It just looks the way pictured two minutes later.)
We're having a lovely streak here. After a nice walk we had a picnic lunch in the backyard.
With the nicer weather, I feel like we've got a whole 'nother house. (ok, I know "nother is not a word, but I have just had an epiphany here: in my everyday language, I will say "a whole 'nother" instead of "another whole". That's so weird. It's kind of lke that time that I realized "un-gather" wasn't a word. My whole life, we "un-gathered" the table after dinner. I was in college before I realized that it just didn't make any sense. Anyways.) It feels so liberating to be outside again. I guess we're in for a little cooler, stormy weather soon, but the warm sun-shiney-ness has been awesome.

I think I'll go un-gather a whole 'nother something. Er, whatever.


Kathleen said...

did you say that "ungather" is not a word??????

Kelly said...

Shocking, isn't it?