Wednesday, April 30, 2008

wednesday: orange

~one of my favorite thrift finds: a little still life painting. (there's an orange in there. see?)~
~letter from a far away place........ that I wish were not so far away~
~colorful beads on Finn's rosary~
~one of my favorite tea cups. "where's the orange?" you ask~

I actually have quite an extensive tea cup collection. One day when I was 13 or 14 I decided to collect tea cups. That was just going to be my bag, baby. And I still do. In fact, at one point during my teenage years I felt I might want to be a nun, and the thought of having to give up my tea cup collection was too much to bear (though, not the reason I'm not a nun today).
This one is from my paternal grandmother's collection. She and I are kindred spirits, though we never met. One day, hopefully.

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Wendy said...

Your tea cup is gorgeous!!!