Tuesday, May 27, 2008

check out my bootie

... well, booties.
So Daniel had to go speak at a conference and being husband-less for four days can make a wife very, very sad. I don't know how these ladies whose husbands have to travel regularly cope. I know I'm such a baby. Which got me thinking - I need a project. So I figured out that whole purling thing not so long ago and managed to pop out one leg warmer. I stopped at one because I apparently had not fully thought out what leg warmers would look like when made of fuzzy brown wool: very hairy un-shaved legs. I haven't knitted much since then and really had no idea how to follow a pattern, but decided my husband-less days were a good time to do so. I used this pattern from Uniforms Studio, sat with my needles and yarn in from of youtube.com, and went to work making some simple baby shoes. You can see fewer and fewer mistakes as my progression of booties goes from left to right. I'm still making mistakes though, but feel pretty pleased overall with my newly acquired knitting skills. Hopefully I can perfect my booties and they will look more like these (hers are so perfect!).


annemcd said...

so sweet, so sweet! I hope you're feeling well!!

Vanillabean said...

yes, this picture reminds me of an evolution photo (I kid) :)