Thursday, May 8, 2008

it's all in the bag

The farmer's market will be starting up soon. I think the start of the farmer's markets makes me feel like it's officially summer - not that I want to rush into any hot weather or anything, but summer time means vacation and stuff, and I'm so ready for that. So in preparation, I've made my farmers market bag.
But see, I've made it slightly trickier. I attached the straps a little lower and added snaps so that the height of the bag can be extended.
So you can fit a little, and carry it as a shoulder bag, or a lot and carry it as a satchel.
Then (and for some reason, blogger keeps loading this picture side ways - silly blogger) I made some simple produce bags. One big and one little, to keep with the "little or a lot" theme ;) In other "bag" news, I made up these little "nap-sacks" for the boys. As we all know, the worlds problems can often be solved with crafting, so I sat down to my sewing machine to set about solving my "non-nappers" problem and came up with these bags. Instead of just attaching the straps, I made my very first button holes ever (note, there are no close-ups) and attached the straps with buttons. Now they can be used as bags out and about, or strapped over their bed, like so:

Yeah, you're probably thinking, "does she ever dress her kids??" Well I do. But they undo it. At the moment, he was wearing his red underwear and playing "Mogli".

Did these actually solve the problem with non-nappage?? Well, no. But now I have a handy place to store books and jammies and such.

P.S. I stumbled onto this blog when I was doing color week and I love it. Such cool photography and such pretty wares in her shop. Anyways, she's having a give-away this week and I definately want in on it. You can too!


Mod Girl said...

You are so clever! I love every single one of your bags! Button-on straps -- great idea. And the extendable marketing bag is great.

Kelly said...

ahhhh.....thank you mod girl! Seriously, you made me blush.

Thea said...

Kelly, you are so talented ... I looooove your bags!

Kelly said...

Hi Thea!! Thank you.