Wednesday, May 21, 2008

photo pockets recipe

In our time of digital cameras, the grandparents are sadly lacking actual paper photos of the kiddos. So as a little gift, I got a bunch printed (not all the pictures on my memory card, however, as I have over 1000 that I have yet to print, and that would cost a little more than I'm prepared to spend at the moment). Handing a bunch of pictures in a plain envelope didn't seem very pretty or present-y,
so I made a little photo pocket. If you would like, here's the recipe:

~two pieces of fabric - fabric width: 19" - fabric height: 7.5"
~ribbon or rick-rack or something of the sort - 22"
~your favorite sewing machine, or needle and thread, if you have the time

sew three sides of you fabric, wrong sides together, then turn it inside out. tuck your raw edges in and sew closed. lay your fabric, outside fabric facing down, and fold each side in 4.5". sew the tops and bottoms on each side. now you have picture pockets. turn your fabric over so the pockets are facing down, and take your ribbon or rick-rack or something of the sort, and sew the middle of it to the middle of your fabric. pack full of photos, tie a nice tidy bow, and offer to grateful recipient.

Hopefully this recipe is clear enough and can actually be followed - I was thinking as I made these that it would have been nice to photograph the steps as I went, but laziness prevented it. It's very simple though, and I'm sure you are all very clever. So if you are 'photo pocket' inclined, I'm sure it will turn out quite lovely.

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