Friday, May 2, 2008

thursday: red

what?? you say it's friday?? that simply can't be. see, I was supposed to post red next (well, red and pink, but I'm definitely a red girl, so I am shunning pink completely here), and this is the 'red' post, so surely, it must be thursday....

~my most favorite reading nook. the chair is so faded, it may look orange, but please don't say this aloud. she's red. red at heart. we don't want to hurt her feelings.~

~the red-work I've slowing been going at for ages~

~dried flowers from last year's farmer's market. every time I look at them I get excited because our farmer's markets are starting soon!! support your local farmer!~

1 comment:

Irina S. said...

Beautiful pictures. You are a very talented photographer!