Monday, June 16, 2008

blurry ramble

Happy Father's Day. A day late. Sorry. The only thing we were givin' out for Father's Day around here was the flu. Poor Daniel. Poor everyone. I think we've all recovered, but it was a long weekend.
I have absolutely no idea where my days have been off to. I have no pictures of them. No record of what has been going on. I faintly that we found a house and we're moving to it and then we're staying there for three years. No less. Maybe more. So I think my days have had a little to do with that. And then there was the stomach flu business. And then there is the packing so we can move to the house. The days have been kind of full of that too. I say only kind of, because I really don't know how to pack. You would think after all the moving I've done (at least one a year for, like, ten years, probably), I should have the hang of it. But no. It's just as overwhelming as always. So I find myself now with children in bed and sort of an idea of what I've been doing with my time, but really it's all a blur. And I'm afraid it will be for a bit. But it's ok. Things can't stay blurry for long. Or at the very least, forever.

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