Monday, June 2, 2008

happy new week

Typically people have a general disdain for Mondays. I do not. Monday's always feel like my weekly "New Year's", my day to start fresh and get back on track (and yes, I think I have to try and get back on track just about every week). We are home and still trying to adjust to a different time zone (which is why I have been an absent blogger of late), and today, despite our late start, I was determined to have some semblance of order. Right now the boys are fed and having "quiet time" - which really means they try to be quiet and I pretend I can't hear them for an hour. We had a beautiful morning outside. Our weather is perfect today.
The bird nest in our back yard.
Plums on our plum tree. (Anyone know if we can really eat these when they ripen?)
Roses cascading over our stone wall.
Freshly hung wash and a sweet little boy.
So while I'm enjoying our beautiful day and having moments of productivity, I hope you too are having a very Happy New Week.

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