Tuesday, June 24, 2008

summer wool

Finn has adopted the hat I made for John. Good thing, cause I made it too small. I didn't really expect him to be wearing it in this summer weather, but he thinks it's a pirate/fisherman's hat (not the fishing pole), so it's come in quite handy. Now John wants me to make another one for him. People are going to see my little ones running around with wool hats during the middle of summer and wonder what is wrong with me.
We (I use the word "we" loosely here, as it was mostly Daniel) took apart the bunk beds last night - hence the mattresses on the floor. My goal is to have everything packed and ready to load by moving day (this is something most people probably do anyways, but I never am on top of it - hopefully this time though).


When I Grow Up said...

So when is moving day? I hope you get everything together...I can't imagine how hard it would be with two little guys plus a bun in the oven...goodness you need to hire some college guys or something!

mamabean said...

you made that hat?
I am impressed. I have always wanted to make matching beanies for me and my girls.Someday maybe you can teach me.

Kelly said...

The hat was way easier than the booties. Do you think it looks to girly though? That's Dan's concern.