Thursday, June 26, 2008

things I want to remember

Finn is just now rediscovering our porch swing. Sadly, we won't have it in a few days, but until then, this is where he wants to spend all his time. He loves just sitting and swinging on the porch while we sing countless songs and recite all our nursery rhymes. And I was able to finish another hat yesterday, all because of this porch-swinging business. It's lovely, because I've got to that stage where I just feel big and bulky and sitting and knitting on the porch with my little ones is all I want to do. It's so nice when their desires coincide with mine.
We all needed to get out of the house last night, so we ran a bunch of errands and ended up being out quite late. As we drove home, we saw that the fireflies had come out. Dan spontaneously pulled over at the first park he saw and we all got out, sat down in the grass, and watched the glowing bugs all around. It was so fun. I can't describe it any better than that without sounding completely cliche. I just wished I had my camera (though I'm not sure I would have been skilled enough to capture anything in that kind of lighting).
So yes, I just wanted to write these things down so I can remember them - maybe on a winter day, when porch swings and fireflies seem a lifetime away, I can look back and remember.


mamabean said...

That is very sweet.

Vanillabean said...

sounds like a story book.

Picky Bear said...

Your comment about the fireflies reminds me of my summer in New York. There were fireflies around at the place we lived and one of the guys at the house Guillermo caught one of the fireflies and he gathered some of us around to show us something cool, so he carefully laid out the bug on the ground and then stood up and quickly squashed the bug and smeared his remains on the ground, leaving a cool trail of glowing phosphorus, which glowed for a few seconds then went away.

-Since I didn't tell you I have a blog, this is Mike

Bridget said...

That's funny. First time I saw anyone do the firefly green glowing trail was also in New York! But that's probably because I grew up there. :)