Tuesday, July 8, 2008

haircuts today

My mom is in town. So we're doing all sorts of fun things together, like giving the boys haircuts.

Actually, my mom gave the haircuts while I snapped the pictures. That's why the boys ended up with cute hair in the end.
I've been knitting away with great plans of sewing soon. If I could only get all my sewing things unpacked and organized. I need a better table for my sewing machine, so I've been watching craigslist. I think I may have found us a new couch there, and I already got a kitchen table, chairs, and computer desk (our old desk didn't make it through the move - darn Ikea furniture) on craigslist for only $44! Oh, how my deal-loving-heart has a crush on craigslist.

It's raining out. Did you know lightning bugs even come out in the rain??? I had no idea. Don't their wings get wet?? I would think that would make it awfully hard for them to fly. But they do. Funny bugs.


Bridget said...

Ah yes, lightning bugs. Novelty still hasn't worn off for ya there, West Coast? :)

Kelly said...

Not yet. Not yet at all.