Tuesday, July 29, 2008

simple 16

I've been tempted to write every so often thus far:

"Nothing was simple today."

But that kind of defeats my purpose in trying to concentrate and capture simple beauties throughout my day, doesn't it?
But I've been tempted.

We spent the weekend at my sister's and then my brother's and I got to see these bloggers in real life, so that was a lot of fun - and that is also the reason I haven't been showing up here over the past few days. Today we're dealing with broken cars, missed prenatal appointments, PA protected birds living in our chimney, work to do, boys to play with.... it's feeling a bit complex. So I decided I'm just going to go knit. I'm not going to think about anything else - maybe just say some prayers for my parents who are driving from Maryland in a car that seems on the verge of breaking down, and knit away - cause that feels far more simple.


Mod Girl said...

Gorgeous photo, Kelly!

Bridget said...

It was great seeing you in "real life"! Love those kiddies of yours! Maybe next time we'll be able to see Dan for more than 10 minutes! :) And Kate too!

Kelly said...

Thanks mod girl, and Bridget, it was great to see you guys. I hope we can make it over your way more often in the future.