Saturday, July 19, 2008

simple 9 & 10

Since I didn't post yesterday, 9 & 10 today.
Finn pushed the button to take the picture on this one. You can see his little shadow reaching to do so.

I've been slowing down. The final trimester of pregnancy is good at forcing that a little. Each day, I'm finding I'm less concerned with certain aspects of housekeeping (the laundry somehow manages to get done, and the house never looks a total wreck at the end of the day, so I'm just letting go of little imperfections), I'm trying to be less concerned with various dramas that have presented themselves right now, and am being happy to just spend time with the boys.

A simple snack of berries.

I think my trying to focus on the "simple" is more my way of trying to look at the peaceful moments of my days. That said, I should really be including pictures of me sleeping, because I've been getting some great naps of late, thanks to my mom. Those have definitely have been some simply peaceful moments ;)


Mod Girl said...

Berries from a teacup... simply beautiful.

annemcd said...

It sounds like you are leading the life I want!

Kelly said...

Thank you modgirl, and Anne, I'm sure you're refering to the daily naps. I know. I even envy myself in that regard ;)

Bridget said...

Love the Mary and Child shadow picture! :) Well, that's what I saw when I looked at it!