Saturday, August 23, 2008


I finished the baby sweater yesterday. Sadly, I don't know that I have fared better in my knitting endeavor than my sewing. It looks ok, very rustic, very homemade. I didn't follow a pattern, and maybe that's where my problem lay. I had a sewing pattern that was similar to this style sweater and I thought if I just knit the shapes, increasing and decreasing to fit the pattern, then sew it all together, then I should have a baby sweater in the end. I do, but you can see how the seams are quite wonky.
I whipped up a little diaper cover today (I actually followed a pattern for this - and learned how to make little eyelets, so exciting!) and realized that my wonky seams were due to how I increased and decreased. I think I could do it over and get better results, but maybe I should just find an actual pattern and follow it ;)
Off to clean.
Out baby, out!


Mod Girl said...

Darling. Both of them, but especially the sweater.

Bridget said...

Congratulations on your use of the word "wonky" more than once. It made the already enjoyable post that much more enjoyable. Wonky is a favorite word of mine of late.

mamabean said...

The sweater is very cute. And I think homemade looking clothes are the best because they were made by loving hands.

Kelly said...

Thank you all. I love homemade looking stuff too, it's just that in person, this looks a little too rustic, you know. Maybe once the little one has it on, it will look better.

And Bridget..... wonky.