Thursday, August 21, 2008

pirate mice

This is where I'm hanging out tonight. Just knitting in bed and browsing through my latest favorite, The Amish Cook. Now I totally want to be Amish. Only I still want to use electricity. I'm trying to knit a sweater for the littlest one. We'll see. It seems that sewing endeavors have gone awry of late, so who knows what will happen with the knitting. John wanted new pajamas and I happened upon some uber cheap flannel (with pirate mice on it, double score!) , so pajamas he would get. So I thought. Well, the first pair turned out fine, except they were too short - to the Finny they went. The second pair turned out to be the right length, but John looks like my little 70's child in them with the legs fitted through the thigh and flaring out at the ankle. Just how pajama pants are supposed to fit, right?? Anyways, I didn't get a photo of my little disco Johnny, but I did get Finn.
Can you see how much he loves them?? They were immediately removed after the camera was turned off. So yes, I'm hoping the knitting will turn out. One out of three would be nice.


oonaballoona said...

that is just about the cutest. face. ever. totally worth the sewing just to get that picture!

Kelly said...

Thanks, you should have heard him cry over those pants.