Thursday, August 7, 2008

simple 23

I'm a simple mess.

~My camera batteries are dead.
~Daniel is out of town speaking at another conference. I miss him so.
~The boys can't take a bath without dumping half the contents of the tub onto the floor, walls, etc.
~The vintage china cabinet I bought on Monday and picked up yesterday, is now laying on it's side on my porch with all the glass now completely shattered.
~I can't figure out whether to use cloth diapers or disposables for the next baby.
~I think we got overcharged at the thrift store today.
~I can't seem to accomplish anything.
~I'm tired.
~Did I mention my love is gone?
~My little boys are crying because they are overly tired. And they miss their daddy.
~I've eaten five chocolates. That's more than the recommended serving size. I doubt I will be stopping there.
~I miss their daddy too.
~I have ridiculous ideas about what life should look like and then feel sad when things don't turn out like I've imagined.
~What's even more ridiculous is that I know these ideas are ridiculous and still get melancholy.
~I don't trust enough.
~I don't let go enough.
~I'm terribly impatient. Especially with myself.
~I still really don't know what to do about the diapers. It really upsets me.
~It's borderline ridiculous how much I miss Daniel.


Mod Girl said...

I hope things feel better in the morning...

Vanillabean said...

hmmm... sounds normal. I think you should do half cloth half disposable. Maybe disposable at night and out on errands.

Bridget said...

Kelly! Oh no! What happened to the China cabinet???

OK, my advice on diapers: Disposable all the way. You know why? Because this is kid #3. You have enough to do without worrying about getting cloth diapers cleaned too. Maybe with your 1st kid do cloth. But when you're on #3, I think the best is to make life as easy as possible. Even in the little things. Baby #3 seems to be the scariest of transitions. After we had Katerina, our #3, we quickly realized it wasn't so stressful after all! Busy? Yes. Bringing home a baby that was only 1 year and 4 and a half months younger than #2 was an adjustment. But we made it quickly. So, long story short, go disposable. Life with 3 is busier. Get rid of unnecessary extra work! YAY!

annemcd said...

Oh, Kelly! I'd reccomend a stiff drink, but maybe not these days! ;) You need a good, comfy sleep and for your hubby to come home! Prayers for both!!

Lisa said...

I know where your coming from. I would love to do the whole cloth diaper thing and make Maddies's home made baby food from organic vegetables from the farmer's market. But having 3 kids the laundry is ridiculous. I have 5 people I'm washing their towels their messy food stained clothes, dish towels that cleaned up their messes ect. Throw diaper's in their and I would be chained to the washer and dryer and would never leave the house. Her's my advice if you really are considering cloth.
I think you should use disposable at first.Give your self a break remember how often newborns poop? Let your self recover for the first 3 months and then think about it again.

oonaballoona said...

i don't know from diapers, but definitely eat more chocolate!

and... you could always find some beautiful gauzy fabric to replace the broken glass for your cabinet. you'll still see hints of the dishes and you'll never have to worry again...

Michelle said...

Who says you have to wash your own cloth diapers? Get Baby Diaper Service if you have it in your area. It's the best of both worlds. Nice comfortable cloth diapers, and no extra work. They pick up the dirty diapers and wash them for you and drop off a new clean bag of diapers.

But definitely don't feel bad about the chocolate!

Kelly said...

Michelle - I couldn't have felt too bad about the chocolate, as I ended up having several more ;) Sadly, there is no baby diaper service in this area!!! Can you believe it?? So I'm thinking of doing a combination at first, that is if I can get my diapers made in time. I've been so busy working on other sewing projects and such.