Monday, August 11, 2008

simple 26

Sunday drive in the countryside.
Since moving, we now find ourselves living not far from several farms. This is one we pass on the way to church - I think it's the roof that strikes me. Maybe one day we'll have a little farm with some chickens and pigs. I want the chickens, John and Finn want the pigs (which is really strange for all of us, because I'm now allergic to eggs and John and Finn are afraid of most animals). Dan wants a vineyard. I have to admit, I think that would be cool too.
For a girl who can't really keep plants alive, wanting a little farm may seem a bit strange. I think I just like the idea of a simpler lifestyle; being a bit removed from society, making what we need, using what we have... seems kind of nice. Yeah, but I'm also pretty pumped that a mall near us is going to be opening a Nordstom's in a few more months, so I wonder how into that rustic lifestyle I really am. Soooo flighty.


mamabean said...

I love that photo almost looks like a quilt on the roof. We too want a farm, but I also love being downtown close to people. Your a allergic to eggs too? When did this happen?

Vanillabean said...

Too bad about eggs. I love scrambled eggs right now.. actually right right now that sounds really gross... maybe because I am eating a BOWL full of peanutbutter M&Ms.. this seriously has to stop.
Anyway the farm life sounds fun. I think the vineyard would be awesome. But yeah I can't even keep my blueberries healthy. I also find myself daydreaming of living somewhere tropical... a lot.

Bridget said...

Yeah, man, when did eggs become an allergy for you too? Must be your family!

Kelly said...

The eggs started to bother me some years ago, but with this pregnancy, I seem to be unable to eat eggs without getting sick. I'm not as bad as Ryan, but it feels like I'm going in that direction. There is a house down the way from us that keeps chickens and sells eggs, I'm thinking I'll try some of their fresh eggs after the baby is born and see if that makes a difference.