Thursday, August 14, 2008

simple 28

It doesn't get any more simple than baseball, right?
Our neighbor was so good as to give us baseball tickets last night. I've never sat so close before. Both these pictures we're taken without the zoom.

Four rows up from the dugout. Pretty cool.

City skyline with the nearly full moon.


father jim said...

You'll have to introduce me to this neighbor. Better yet, convince him to move in next to me, so he'll be my neighbor.

Kelly said...

Yeah, the funny thing about seats four rows up from the dugout in Pittsburgh is that they are only $30 a piece. Crazy, huh?
No way are we encouraging our neighbor to move - he's got season tickets for the Steelers (not like we're fans, but I bet you those are some pretty exciting games to be at) and we're hoping for a conflict in his schedule this Fall.