Thursday, August 28, 2008


I have a favorite thrift store. Originally, when we were searching for places to live, my thrift store actually factored into where we looked. Then we found our home and the home won out, so my visits to my favorite thrift store have been few and far between since the move. Yesterday I had an appointment in the city, so I figured we'd get a two-fer and run to the Red, White & Blue. I'm still giddy over my treasures: a hand-crocheted wool blanket that is so soft, two darling vintage paintings that look perfect against the yellow wall in my entry way, and a cheery little pitcher, the perfect size for little-boy bouquets.
It's good to have treasures to be giddy over, especially on days like today, when you have workmen at your house and they accidentally break the gas line and they can't fix it till the next day and you have no way to cook or heat water until it's back on. Yes, I'll be sitting under my cozy, new-to-me wool blanket this evening, maybe with a tea from Starbucks (the temperature actually dropped today and there has been just the slightest chill in the air - not really warranting wool blankets and tea, but enough of a drop that I can get away with it) trying not to think about the fact that I really would love to take a shower. Ugg. At least I have pretty paintings.


Robert said...

I will say a prayer for you tonight. So if that baby comes tonight you'll know I had something to do with it ;)

Robert said...

arrrgggg....I really need to fix my profile. This is Lisa

Mountain Mom Alison said...

Ah the joy of thrifting. I know and love the feeling of coming home with something that has been used and loved by another; almost like the item has a story versus brand new. Your blanket looks cozy! I really like your new banner.

Kelly said...

Thanks Alison. I used the Mosaic maker for the banner, which I found through you, so are partly responsible for the new banner ;)

And Lisa, please pray harder. I'm so ready to be done.