Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Yesterday the boys, Memaw and I went on a little adventure walk in search of chickens. There's a little house that keeps some just outside of our development (no pesky h.o.a. for them). I'm sad I didn't bring the camera, but sometimes a walk with two little ones and a really round, protruding belly in search of chickens makes you feel like a bog 'ol camera would make you that much more of a spectacle - plus I only have two hands, I would have ended up dropping something.
It was really a lovely walk and you could feel in the air the change in seasons coming. Some of the trees have already started to turn. We had a wonderful time picking flowers, catching grasshoppers, finding acorns, leaves and apples (from some mysterious apple tree that we could not locate, only it's apples lay on the ground). We ended up seeing the chickens - so very exciting - and will have to go back again soon, as the owners weren't home but have a sign out that eggs are for sale. I may be allergic, but I don't think that would stop me from trying some fresh eggs.
Back home we placed all our treasures on display. Such a dainty little arrangement that will surely grow as we collect more treasures. I'm so excited for cool breezes, sweater weather, and itty-bitty babies, I can barely stand it. Soon, though. Very soon.


Mod Girl said...

Just the kind of afternoon I love. And, I adore that photo!

Vanillabean said...

you must be due any day now. hope it goes smoothly :0)

Kelly said...

Thanks Mod Girl.
And Erin, I've just a bit more to go, but I'm hoping God will continue to be VERY good to me, and let me have this baby sooner than later. I'm so ready to be done. So say prayers for me, ok?

Finny just came into the computer room not so long ago, lifted my shirt and yelled at my belly, "GET OUT!" If I were the baby, that might have just scared me back in for another week. But I see I'm not the only one who's curious to see this little person.