Thursday, September 11, 2008

an accidental party

This morning when it was time for breakfast, the boys looked in the pantry, saw a cake mix and said they wanted cake for breakfast. Were it made already, I probably would have obliged - I was just in that kind of mood. It was not made, so we had cereal, but baked soon after. Now the boys assume that if we are making cake, it must be somebody's birthday (oh, how I wish!) so John informed me that we would need decorations.
Bunting was made.Cake was consumed.
A good time was had by all.

I still wish it were a "birthday party" instead of an "accidental party" though.


Mountain Mom Alison said...

Oh how sweet to have a random party. Maybe it's a pre baby time with the boys celebration cause baby's coming soon party!

Lisa said...

How fun! Your boys are so sweet. I love the idea of a party for no reason.

Anne said...

It can always be an "un-birthday," Alice in Wonderland style :)
So cute

Mod Girl said...

Such sweet moments captured. Love that bunting. Wish it had been the start of a joyous birth-day party. Soon, very soon!