Wednesday, September 24, 2008

learning curve

Figuring out life with three babes is going alright. I actually started this post yesterday and I'm just now getting around to posting it. Oh well.Our weather has been so amazing lately, the boys and I made sure to get outside today. John picked some flowers for me and we had a great time hunting for bugs, rocks, and sticks.
Here Finn is telling me not to take his picture. He feel asleep in the fetal position on the chair some minutes later. Poor guy. He's given up naps completely, though I feel he should rethink that decision.Jamie wants to be held all the time. He sleeps best if he's in someone's arms, so I took Anne's advice and bought five yards of fabric and then followed this tutorial, popped him in, and he's been sleeping like, well, a baby ever since.


Mod Girl said...

Sweet boys!

I love, love the sling option... definitely beats shelling out big bucks to buy one when you can simply create one with fabric!

Kate said...

that's exactly what they do down in ecuador and i always thought it was so cool and looked comfy. i'm glad you figured it out, i'm sure my little man is very content in there.

Lisa said...

I just saw something like that being sold in target, and I realized it's just a big long piece of fabric. Sometimes the best ideas are so simple.It looks very comfortable for you both.

Bridget said...

That is AWESOME!!!!! SO much better than store-bought slings! Stupid buckles and straps and whatever else they make slings out of. I have the Dr. Sears approved sling. But yours looks so freaking cool! Now all I need is another baby!