Monday, September 8, 2008

weekend update

we had a really lovely weekend

went to a state park near by, got our fill of rock-skipping, visited a new church, saw some Western PA countryside, even managed a flea market. Aunt Katie is in town. Just waiting to see if any other family members will show.
Hopefully a very tiny one.
And remember, I'm givin' stuff away.


annemcd said...

You stinker, I figured there would be a baby picture at the end of this post!! You can't be that pregnant and disappear from cyberspace for that long and reappear without a little one.

Do that again and I'll have to send Bridget after you!! ;)

father jim said...

I must say, I am very impressed with your photography skills.

Kelly said...

Oh Anne, no one is more disappointed that there is no new baby pic at the end of this post than me.
And thanks Fr. Jim. I was wishing I could have edited them a little before posting, but the computer was acting up. You've just made me feel better about posting them anyways.

Colette D.M.J said...

Kelly - I love your blog - although I must admit you make me feel like the most uncreative person in the world!! What don't you do?
Sorry it took so long but here is the website for that consignment sale:

I am going first thing Sat. morning if you wanted to carpool - its south of us. Also, depending on how you are feeling after your baby is born - the last weekend almost everything is 50% off and there is usually TONS of stuff left.. Note - I am not leaving an option that you do not have your babe by then! :)
I'll give you a call.

Kelly said...

Hi Meg!!
I looked at that snuggle bug thing and it looks insane - I totally want to go. Still no baby as of yet. I can't believe this kid. He's already naughty. Are you still going to be around when it get's to be 50% off? Or is that the time of the Roman holiday?

And what don't I do??? I don't do school full time to get a degree while working from home and all the while raising two kids. Yeah, I don't do that too often. You?

Bridget said...

I do like a good challenge! Look out! Anne, apparently, thinks I can make you post baby pictures or something! :) lol.