Thursday, October 9, 2008

good for a laugh

This is very strange, and I thought I was imagining it at first, but right around when Jamie was about a week old, he did this very funny thing in his sleep - he laughed. I figured it couldn't be, newborns don't smile much let alone laugh, but it has happened several times since.

I've never seen a newborn smile so much.
Happy baby. He's definitely good for a laugh.


oonaballoona said...

you've got yourself another model :)

Kelly said...

awww.. thanks :)

passion2sew (Lalli) said...

Hello Kelly,

Thanks a lot for your lovely comments. These Yo-yo's really seem to be addictive.

Your baby is soo adorable. Congratulations on having such a happy baby. :)

annemcd said...

Oh my glory, that child is just too much!! What a gift!

Bridget said...

Oh man, you are so blessed! Cute, happy, laughy! What a great kid! I miss newborns!