Friday, October 17, 2008

a quiet afternoon

We had a quiet afternoon. Finn took a nap - completely amazing - and Jamie was sleeping too, which left me and John to figure out something to do. John wanted me to take off my wedding ring and he would hide it and then draw a treasure map so we could find it again. Now I think the little guy has some skills in the art department, but no matter how great that map was going to be, I thought we'd best use some different treasure. So we painted some Rotini. Don't they look just like precious jewels??

Then we strung them together and had some mighty fine jewelry to hide and find again. We never actually got to the map portion of the plan before Finn and Jamie woke, but it was cozy time for just me and John.
I hope you all find treasures this weekend, be they the pasta variety or otherwise.

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