Tuesday, November 18, 2008

thinking outside the blocks

More snow today. It's beautiful, but a little too cold to spend very much time outside. I'd like to avoid boredom and another spoiled meal (though I'm too late for lunch, John "made" soup in the kitchen sink by dumping my soup in there - I swear, I'm not being irresponsible, letting him be unsupervised in the kitchen. He's just fast. Very, very fast.) Taking a little inspiration from this blog, living room bowling commenced.
Besides making castles, and bowling, what "outside the blocks" activities do you do with your blocks?
And this is for Oppa:By the way, Got hat?


Mod Girl said...

Oh, wow, that link was to me. Thanks.

I love your new header. Gorgeous photo.

I seriously can't believe ya'll have a winter wonderland, that is so foreign to me. Although at 45 degrees and windy, today it was TOO COLD to play outside.

My boys like to build roads out of blocks for their Hot Wheels, but we're nuts about cars at our house.

Kelly said...

Thank you. I can't really believe the weather here either. We've only lived in the area for two years now, and being from Seattle, I'm just not that used to snow (seriously, it was like a city wide holiday whenever it did). But 45 degrees! That's what I dream about in February and March.

Bridget said...

That baby is ADORABLE!!!! Good job!