Wednesday, December 17, 2008

five by plane

We're heading out this year for Christmas and braving holiday air travel with three little ones. I'll admit it, I'm a bit scared. The key, as we know, is distraction, distraction, distraction. So, here is one of the many distractions I'll be bringing.
all snugged up
tic-tac-toe & vintage buttons with bits of felt glued on the back to help prevent slippingother sideand put away again.

I got the idea from the Mixtape Zine Kids issue. The one in there was had flowers on the outside, so I thought I'd make a little boy one with a little road for cars. I'm hoping I can maybe score a couple little car buttons before we go.
I'm making a last minute effort to finish projects before we leave, so if I don't pop in here, that's why.


Renee Therese (Towler) Clayton said...

Seriously, how do you find the time. That is awesome. We're going on a trip in January. I just bought a lot of stickers and a coloring set that only colors on the page. He's going to get them for Christmas. :-) Keep up the good work.

Mod Girl said...

Simply beautiful, as always! Have a great trip. Merry Christmas!

Mountain Mom Alison said...

This is so clever, I love it. I hope you guys have a wonderful trip. Happy Holidays!

Kayleen said...

Looking forward to seeing you five!

Lisa said...

Great idea!
I don't know how you find the time, you must have a some extra minutes laying around. Keep up the good work!
How long are you going to be at your parents?

Vanillabean said...

That is adorable! I'm going to put that on my running tally of "Projects to do."