Wednesday, December 3, 2008

gingerbread house

It all started last month when we checked out Hansel & Gretal from the library. I didn't look through the book very carefully or think much about the version I had heard as a child, we just thought, "ooh, pretty pictures" - this was definitely not the politically correct version most kids get today. I was a bit worried that it would scare the boys, but they loved it. They've been making ovens and "cooking" each other every since. John has been asking about that gingerbread house as well, so we picked up a little kit. (I would have loved to make it from scratch, but a girl has to know her limits.)
You can conclude that since most of the candies are actually on the gingerbread house, this was assembled in a very controlled environment. Save one candy. Midway through, a very panicked little voice said, "Mommy, can you please help me get this out of my nose?!?" It was John. I could not help him get it out, but fortunately for him, he recently picked up a cold and his nose was running so much that I'm sure that little candy just dissolved on it own, and I now have my very own, "My kid stuck (insert strange object here) up his nose" story. Good times.

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Mod Girl said...

It is official... we must build a gingerbread house this December. How. much. fun! Cute photos. Don't you love all the color?!

John certainly has been a mischief maker lately... or maybe he is all the time.

annemcd said...

ah, yes, Michael's saved us last year, and will again this year. Maybe someday, one of the kids will be big enough not only to want, but also to execute the making of a "real" gingerbread house!

Mountain Mom Alison said...

I love, love, love the idea of a gingerbread house. I've been waiting patiently for 3.5 years until now that Layla is old enough to participate!
P.S. Thanks for the giveaway plug!

Vanillabean said...

I remember when my brother John was little he stuck a 'teddy bear arm" (a craft my mom was working on) up his nose. It basically was like a mini pom pom thingy.
I remember the panic and everyone trying to get it out.