Tuesday, December 16, 2008

just another day

Enjoying the snow.

And not so much.

My favorite tree in Winter.

And a little baking - with no mishaps. Imagine that.

And I know my mom is going to say that I should turn down the heat, and I did. I just can't keep clothes on these kids. Besides, times like these it's just a little easier to wipe them down.
Hope your day was lovely too.


Anna said...

I feel like I have said this before but are you open to arranged marriages for your wee bairn. They are so cute!

Lisa said...

Your boys are so adorable.
I wish we could get our kids together more often, maybe some day.

Kelly said...

Anna, let's set 'em up! And Lisa, suprise, suprise, we're flying out to WA tomorrow for a little visit!