Monday, December 1, 2008

warm hands

One of the wonderful parts of having family in town is that there are many hands to help hold little ones. It was really just in time, as I was feeling like I really needed just a little break - little boys can be quite demanding. With all these helpful hands I was able to make these very cute toasty hand warmers from a friend to knit with (I love her blog).
I've discovered that it is quite difficult to be one's own hand model.
Finn, that very naughty little Finny, took a scissors to one of them this morning though. It's hard not to get too upset over it, but I know he doesn't understand that I just spent the weekend making them. I did sew it up a bit and they are wearable, but you can still see the cut. Remember the hat I made for him? He wears it all the time. Literally. He even sleeps in it. Well he took a scissors to that too. Oy. Well, off to hide all the scissors.


annemcd said...

Ah, yes, the plight of the cut. Katie is there now. Last week, the bedsheets. Today, the covers of a book. Tomorrow, well, I hope she doesn't go after her own beautiful locks. Right now, she's on probation from scissors. We'll have to see how this one progresses. Good luck!

Kelly said...

Anne??? Anne McD???? I feared you left the blogosphere forever! Now I'm going to go check your blog and see if you've updated :)

annemcd said...

Um, not yet :) Its been so crazy busy, and I'm so crazy lazy:) I miss it though!!!!