Friday, January 16, 2009

color week: stripes

It was actually stripes and plaids.
And while I have a plenitude of both,
I just ended up shooting some stripes.

We had an official pajama day.
It's 4 degrees outside.
Before windchill.
We aren't going anywhere.Finn got into the suckers.
I said ok to the first one, but he came back a few minutes later (mind you, I'm nursing while holding a camera - this happens a lot here), and he yells, "I GOT TWO!" I am able to get just this pic before he runs away again, fearing his suckers will be commandeered.

Later Dan found some suckers in glasses of water on the hearth as I was coming downstairs from putting Jamie down. He says, "Did you know about this?" He often asks this when he's discovered some naughty-doing of the boys. He apparently thinks that not only do I know about it, but glowingly give my stamp of approval.
"Sucker-soup? Why yes, in fact it was my idea! Spilling it on the hearth was just an added bonus."
Silly Daniel.


annemcd said...

Kelly, can I live at your house?

Kelly said...

Well... sure.