Thursday, January 8, 2009

knitty gifts

It's snowing today. The kind of snow that floats up, swirls around, and every so often, can be seen in an occasional skiff of sunlight that makes it look like we live in a giant, glittery snow globe. It's really beautiful. A perfect day for staying in and keeping cozy. Which made me think of the cozy winter woolens I made for Christmas, and since they've been given, I can finally share them here.
I made my first ever pair of socks for my mom. Those tiny needles take forever, but it was really an easy pattern for a beginner. I found the "Kroy" pattern for free, you just have to sign up. As I was making them, John was trying to learn how to put socks on the right way. This may sound like an easy thing, but for some reason, he'd always get the heal in the wrong place. This pattern doesn't actually have a heal, the whole sock is simply a twisted rib that makes the sock fit snuggly at the heal, while not too bunchy at the top. So I think I'll try to scale down the pattern to make it child size for the guys, and maybe that would help with that tricky heal problem.I also made a scarf for my mother-in-law. I used a pattern from this book again, and really liked how it came out, except for the fact that I think it was too short, it probably could have used another skein, or at least a half.

With Christmas over, I thought I'd be taking a knitting break for a bit, but then I remembered the birthdays.... Learning to knit has given me a new reasons to love Winter birthdays :)


Alison said...

Your socks are great. Good job. I've been knitting lots too, mostly wrist warmers for me and my daughter. Soon I'll start to tackle some more complex patterns.

Ben Hatke said...



(it means those socks are cool)

Bridget said...


What is that? A yard? A foot? Fancy terminology! OK, so you mentioned Winter b-days. Well I have a GREAT idea for Ryan's winter b-day. You should knit him a Boston shaker! He'd love mixing drinks with his hand-crafted, stylish, wooly Boston shaker!

Oh, and I usually consider myself a Spring baby, but technically I was born at the very end of Winter. So my request is for Mets socks! There's a challenege for ya! Can you knit words? :)

(Don't mind me, just in a silly mood right now!)