Wednesday, January 28, 2009

staying in

cozy on the inside
icy on the outside
Everything is encased in ice.
A little global warming might be welcome about now.


Lisa said...

Your family should come move by me. We get more rain then snow and few sunny days now and then.

Kayleen said...

Wow - so icy. I know ice causes alot of problems, but I always loved it when it got like that in Pullman - it is so unbelievably beautiful.

annemcd said...

Al Gore is in town, and got stuck at the airport b/c of the ice.

How's that for irony :)

Did you make the quilt on your son's bed, too? Once I finish knitting this blanket for Will, which might take another three years at this pace, I'm hoping to make some simple quilts for the boys.

Vanillabean said...

where did you get that bed? I"m on the look out for a nice twin bed.

Kelly said...

Lisa - if I could move to the west coast, I would be there in a beart beat!
Kayleen - I think it's beautiful too, but I am very glad that I am enjoying it's beauty from the inside and feel very sad for anyone who had to travel in this weather.
Anne - I thrifted that blanket. It is so cool too. Some one must have used the tiniest crochet hook known to man and made all those little squares, and it's all wool too. I swear it must have taken at least four years for anyone to make that thing.
Erin - Costco. We got the boys bunk beds there and they can be singles or bunked. I love them.

Alison said...

Those icy pictures are beautiful. I hope you guys are warm and cozy.